I am a UK chartered architect with a keen interest in drawing. This website showcases some photographs and drawings that I have done through the course of my work.

I have travelled fairly extensively in South East Asia which is reflected in some of the subject matter of my work. I am very interested in Scandinavian architecture and in particular the work of Alvar Aalto and Reima and Raili Pietila. I have recently been researching and am inspired by the drawings and artwork of Louis Khan, Aldo Rossi and Michael Graves. In terms of current architects, I admire the work of Cino Zucchi. 

I am an active member of 'Sketchmob' who are a group of people who meet periodically to draw together at different venues, primarily in London, to inspire each other's artistic ideas and talents. Sketch-mob is organised (and was founded) under the tutelage of Trevor Flynn who lectures at the Central St Martins College of Art and the Architectural Association. Trevor has been a great support and inspiration in developing my drawing skills and I am indebted to his encouragement and enthusiasm.